Cable Cam Service

MSD 3D Cable Cam® delivers flying camera or performer in the 3D space, using computer controlled winch system.


MSD 3D Cable Cam®

When there is a need of moving the camera or performer in the space, but this cannot be achieved with Dolly, Techno crane, Drone, Camera car or by hand we use computer controlled winch system called MSD 3D Cable Cam.

  • When the camera needs to fly with high speed and to stop at the certain position
  • When we need to be able to control the acceleration and deceleration speed in order to get smooth movement for the camera
  • When we need to perform complex trajectory like flying in circle or spiral and we have to be able to repeat that movement over and over with 1/8 of a mm accuracy
  • When we need to program the remote head in all 3 axis

Our team delivers building and working with all types of rope systems:

1.) Simple:

  • Hand pull – for the needs of the stunt performers
  • One axis cablecam - when light camera and remote head needs to fly horizontaly at high speed
  • Descending camera or performer through a belay device

2.) Complex:

  • Building pulley systems to achieve mechanical advantage
  • Flying Camera or Performer in 2D or 3D space with computer programmed winch system and predefined trajectory
  • Flying Camera or Performer up or down with high speed
  • Explosion effect - ratchet one or more stunt performers in the air using pneumatic system

MSD 3D Cable Cam®
Flying modes:

  • Linear (point to point by one axis/rope) – 1 winch
  • Planar (back and forth, up and down by two axis) – 2 winches
  • 3D (anywhere in the 3D space) – 4 winches
  • MA (independent movement of few objects up and down on single lines/ropes and can be used to perform complex choreography) – up to 6 winches