Stunt Factory Ltd. represents the elite stuntmen of Alpha Stunt Team Bulgaria – stunt professionals of all kinds of stunts. The company can ensure the most suitable specialists with definite stunt skills for the needs of all kinds of productions.

Professional assistance

You can contact the Stunt Factory coordinator to receive more information about each activity and make an appointment to discuss your needs in details

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Stunt activities

Casting / Audition

Stunt Factory ltd represents the elite stuntmen of Alpha Stunt Team Bulgaria - stunt professionals of all kinds of stunts. The company can ensure the most suitable specialists with definite stunt skills for the needs of all kinds of productions.

Stunt Coordination and performance

Design to sets and equipment for the needs of effective, comfortable and safe performance of stunts and action scenes. Design of clothes and complete stylistics of the characters in the scenes

Action scenes direction

Hiring the company's action directors who know well the subtleties and specific character of this activity is indispensable to the production's success

Fight choreography

Stunt Factory Ltd commercials and Design Department creates flexible and at the same time stable and effective projects being interested in long-lasting partnership with its clients

The consumer is in the center of its activity. To achieve this aim it uses an unique combination of creativeness, analysis, knowledge and experience.

The Commercials and Design Department experts answer all the clients desires: from the visiting card to the creation of a complete conception and advertising campaign, as well as connections between them

Action design

Stunt Factory Ltd' works with successful script-writers, play-writers and PR-experts. It prepares scripts for musical and commercial clips and campaigns, as well as short and fill-length movies

Stunt equipment rental

The company's experienced stung coordinators are a guarantee for well-organized and attractive stunt performance, control of these performances and professional interaction with the production's remaining departments.

Consulting and training

High level of equipment necessary for all kinds of stunts and ensuring safe but spectacular effects. The equipment is often indispensable in action scenes. By hiring Stunt Factory ltd. the clients are certain to get all necessary assistance in this field.

Live Shows

This includes a rich choice of possibilities for realization according to the aims of the performance and the requirements of the client. The live shows require precise performance based on perfect organization and experience of the participants. Stung Factory Ltd develops show performances or offer already existing successful and attractive ones.

You will find available one of them: Acro Drunk Show Attractive and unique show performed by the Space Dunkers Team

Script development

Advice about the training, equipment and ensuring safe work conditions:

- training actors for action and fights;

- preparing the budgets according to the needs of the production

Advertising campaigns and design

Complete or partial developing of the idea and script, locations and other factors of the preproduction. Taking into consideration the style and image of the performers or the target group of the product.

Skillful performance and memorable vision and the effect ot he product. Stunt Factory Ltd. engages in the whole process of the production: preproduction, production and postproduction.

The company can also organize if necessary photo session with professional photographers, accompanying the musical or commercial clip.

Music and Commercial clips

Stunt Factory Ltd is registered as a movie producer and is developing in this direction. Having a long experience as a partner and participant in the movie production, the company is ready to be a subcontractor in movie productions, as well as organizing its own movie production.

Special activities

  • Special effects
  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Wardrobe
  • Operators
  • Painter-decorators
  • Producer (assistant-director)
  • Director console
  • Skripter
  • Writers

Other activities

  • Riding Training
  • Sewing workshop
  • Coffee - Restaurant

Stunt rigging

Our team delivers building and working with all types of rope systems and high end equipment.

1.) Simple:

  • Hand pull – for the needs of the stunt performers
  • One axis cablecam - when light camera and remote head needs to fly horizontaly at high speed
  • Descending camera or performer through a belay device

2.) Complex:

  • Building pulley systems to achieve mechanical advantage
  • Flying Camera or Performer in 2D or 3D space with computer programmed winch system and predefined trajectory
  • Flying Camera or Performer up or down with high speed
  • Explosion effect - ratchet one or more stunt performers in the air using pneumatic system

video demonstration ->

We proudly present our new pneumatic system (ratchet), that is the first and only of it's kind automated system.

Within seconds and minutes you can get jobs done that usually take days and weeks to prep.